#NovembertoRemember: LA

30 Nov

Without a doubt, November 2015 has been one for the books. Over the past weekend, my brother, his fiancé, and I drove up to LA for my aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary and the Camp Flog Gnaw Music Festival/Carnival at USC. We all ended up taking Friday off from work so we could have another full day out there; however, my brother still managed to set us back about two hours, because he hadn’t even started packing when I got to his house in Tempe. I was finally able to take a deep breath and relax a little when we finally hit the road around 2pm. Since I volunteered to take my car, my brother and his fiancé agreed that they would take turns driving there. The drive over there was really nice, because I got the chance to catch up with my brother and hear a little bit about what they have planned for their wedding in February (pretty exciting).

We arrived in LA at about 7pm and immediately started getting ready for dinner, because we were all starving at that point. From there, we drove up to North Hollywood for my aunt and uncle’s 50th anniversary celebration. As usual, we arrived in style, and everyone there was super excited to see us and catch up. Everyone also seemed to be very excited about my brother’s wedding in February and kept repeating how they felt like it was just yesterday when we were kid’s growing up in LA. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay the whole night, because we had already made plans to go to the festival the next day.

On Saturday morning, my brother and I woke up a little earlier to hit the gym before breakfast. After finishing up at the gym, we rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the day. We decided that we all wanted brunch from a place called the Coffee Company in Westchester. The food, service, and ambiance there was amazing!

After finishing up breakfast, we took an Uber to the USC Memorial Coliseum for the festival. After waiting in three different lines for about an hour, we finally got into the carnival around 4pm. We started off by grabbing some refreshments and walking around the stadium to figure out which stage had the best line-up. Since my brother and I have been die-hard A$AP Rocky fans since the beginning, we decided we’d stick to the Flog Stage and get as close as possible for Rocky’s performance. While we waited for the A$AP’s performance, we also got to see Jhene Aiko, Odd Future, Diddy, and Big Sean. It wasn’t until 10:30pm that A$AP Rocky finally made his way to the stage.

After years of wanting to see A$AP in concert, it was finally going to happen. His set opened up with LPFJ2 and lasted about an hour. He also brought out A$AP Ferg and French Montana who were two of the unannounced guest appearances around the half-way point of his performance. Overall, his performance was amazing so losing my voice was well worth it. From there, we caught the end of Snoop Dogg’s performance and called it a night.

In addition to my unforgettable trip, this November will definitely be one that I will remember for the rest of my life.


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