#DreadedDecember: Attacking the Mess

23 Dec

Every semester I begin with a nice, clean environment. Everything is sparkling, my books, my clothes, and even my thoughts are organized. Suddenly, something happens right around midterms. The dishes pile up, the floordrobe begins to collect, and the assignments keep coming. By the time finals arrive, my home is in chaos.

Finals require us to get creative with our time so we can get all of that important information into our heads. As an artist, I find that making a mess is very important to the creative process, but when you live in a creative mess you don’t have room to make one.

The dreaded cleaning process has to happen and I generally find it easiest to clean when something more important needs to get done. Between study sessions for finals, I begin to whip my house back into shape. Here are six easy steps that you can take during breaks to attack the end-of-semester messes we make.

1. Make your bed

This will serve as your home base where you’ll be able to rest and study no matter what stage of the cleaning you are in.

fail trash garbage

2. Trash collection

The best way to take the level of craziness down a notch is to go around and pick up any disposable item across your whole space. This might also be a good time to go through the fridge and clear out any intelligent life that may be evolving in your tupperware.  Once you’ve done that you can take out the trash and move on.

aww dishes

3. Dishes

This is a three-part process. First you collect your dishes and deposit them in the sink. The next part is a bit crazy… you actually wash them, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even put them away.

desk swipe angry seth meyers andrew rannells

4. Flat surfaces

Counter tops, tables, dressers, desks, and any other horizontal surfaces that may be covered in randomness all need to be cleaned off and wiped down.

cleaning robin williams mrs doubtfire seora doubtfire

5. Floors

Sweep, vacuum, mop, or strap a couple soaped-up sponges to your feet and dance. Organizing the shoe pile and the floordrobe, shaking out rugs, and picking up fallen items really help shine up your living space.

6. Laundry

Like dishes, this is a three part process; wash, dry, and put away.

And voila! Your space is even clearer than your mind! You are now ready to relax before spring starts.



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