#DreadedDecember: Full Car

23 Dec

After pushing through to the end of the semester, it is always nice to take a breather and enjoy the peace. This usually only lasts a few days before I am thrown into panic mode, trying to gather all my things to go home for the holidays. This year has been the most hectic year of all because not only do I have to clean and pack my things, I have to prepare my lovely guinea pigs and our new dog for the journey.

I love our animals, but getting them ready for travel is exhausting. I have to clean the guinea pigs cage and bathe them-which is even more difficult than bathing the dog. Then their food needs to be package properly, no one wants guinea pig food pooled at bottom of their suitcase, their toys and snacks need to be packed, and their blankets need to be washed, folded and packed as well. This process takes about 2 hours to complete by myself. Thankfully, I have a cage already set up back home for them, so I don’t have to deconstruct the one they use now. Traveling with the guinea pigs is usually easy. They don’t really fuss and they sleep most of the way, the dog is a whole different story.

This is the first year I will be taking the dog home with me. Her name is Kittie and she is a big dog, and big dogs need lots of supplies. Kittie needs to be bathed, fed, and walked right before travelling. Feeding her and walking her takes about 1.5 hours, which means that it needs to be done right before we leave-making things extra stressful.  Kittie has a lot of needs, which means that I have to haul her 30 pound bag of dog food, treats, toys, dog bed, booties, and teddie along for the ride. Packing all of her stuff (while she follows me around the house) will probably take another hour by itself. Kittie has traveled from Tucson to Phoenix before and she doesn’t get car sick, which is nice. My only concern is that she won’t want to get in the car next to the guinea pigs because they scare her.

As for myself, I have tons of laundry and cleaning to do before I can even pack. I am the only person in our apartment right now willing to clean, which means that it is up to me to make the place look decent before my mom arrives to get us. This is frustrating and unfair, but the cleaning needs to be done. I am so grateful that my mom is coming to get us, because I can just sleep on the way home. I have a lot to do before I leave, and it looks like I should really get started….like now.




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