#DreadedDecember: The Layover That Will Never End

23 Dec

It’s times like these when I really hate the fact that I do not live a car ride away from my immediate family. Flying has never really been a huge problem in the past, but for some reason just thinking about it feeds my anxiety. My mom and her boyfriend live in Corvallis, Oregon and my brother Cole is serving in the Air Force in Texas.

Now the plane ride to Oregon can’t be too long right? Right, it’s a little over 2 hours away from Phoenix. However this time, for the sake of not being too much of an inconvenience to my boyfriend, I am leaving from the Tucson airport. And because I am a college student and my mother now expects me to pay for my own plane tickets, I of course looked for the cheapest plane ticket from Tucson, Arizona to Portland, Oregon (I’m going to take a shuttle from there to Corvallis).

Long story short, I’m now stuck with a 7 hour layover in the LAX airport. Fantastic right? I’ve haven’t dreaded something this much in a very long time. So of course I’ve told many people about this dilemma since I bought my ticket and I’ve gotten some bits of advice from each person on how to stay relaxed and kill time.

  1. Watch 14 episodes of Friends – I can thank my boyfriend for this one, he knows of my eternal love for Friends and the fact that something so familiar will keep my calm. giphy 3.03.24 PM.gif
  2. Read a book – I’ve actually purchased the first installment of the Twilight series recently (don’t laugh). I haven’t looked at it since my freshman year in high school, which was just before it was made into a film and tainted by Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s acting. giphy.gif
  3. Take a nap – Well obviously this one I can’t do! I can’t keep an eye on my luggage if I’m sleeping! What if I get robbed?! I already struggle enough as it is fitting my luggage into my bathroom stall. tumblr_mmsqi4Aq9N1sp9fcho1_500.gif
  4. Call family or a friend – Now this I will definitely want to do. However I recently found out that my boyfriend will be taking his finals and my mother will be working during the day I’m traveling. I may just have to settle for some periodic texts from either of them.selena-gomez-texting.gif
  5. Explore the airport – I’ve never been to the LAX airport so this will probably happen whether I want it to or not. I’ve been informed that it is quite large and full of many shops and food places. This I am perfectly fine with. firsttrip00000.gif

Most of this advice is very helpful and I plan on following it when next Wednesday comes, which is also happens to be the day of my 22nd birthday. Awesome birthday gift right? Wish me luck!




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