#DreadedDecember: Symposium Presentation

24 Dec

For the Fall 2015 Semester I took my Capstone Course for my major. The semester consisted of writing a 25 page paper, creating a poster, and performing a Symposium Talk at the Special Collections at the UA library.

All semester I researched my topic to construct an A worthy paper. Unfortunately I was so busy writing my paper that I forgot about my poster and my speech. Three days before the Symposium, I spent over 5 hours at the library creating my poster board. I made sure to use a precision paper cutter to ensure all the pieces on my poster were straight and aligned. Finalizing the poster was extremely stressful because I wanted it to look perfect!

Next came practicing my research talk. To condense twenty-five pages of information into a four minute speech turned out to be more challenging than I was expecting. Which pieces do I share, and what is not as important as the rest of my aspects? I made note cards to help myself practice what to say.

The day of the symposium I was beyond nervous! My family came to support me, and when I saw the crowd I could not believe how many people came. When it was my turn to get up and present, I wanted to run out the back door. However, when I realized how confident I was on my topic I just went up in front of all the guests in attendance and presented my findings. Those four minutes actually went by very fast, and I could not have been more prepared!

Even though my Capstone course took up many hours of my time, and it was beyond stressful, I am glad it is over with and that I do not have to take it next semester in the last semester of my Undergraduate degree.


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