#DreadfulDecember: Finaaaaaaals

24 Dec

December is known by many as ” the most wonderful time of the year”.  Everyone is excited for Christmas, the New Years is right around the corner, and most importantly we are relieved from loads of school work for a whole month. (Thank you winter break!)

Just when we start to get excited for all that is to come at the end of December, we are reminded that the first two weeks of this month are the most stressful weeks of the semester: Final’s Week!

Libraries are packed, the Starbucks line at the SUMC is extraordinarily longer than usual, and you can see the spirit of exhaustion on almost every student’s face as they stroll around campus. Endless nights in the library took a toll on our energy through out the day and financially….. let’s not even go there. The only thing that kept us going is the desired GPA that we wanted to finish the semester with and our hopes of having the next month to relax and catch up on sleep. Well it’s finally here. But preparing for it was a nightmare.

As for me, I can’t complain as much. My last two weeks of the semester weren’t too bad. All together I only had 4 final exams, 2 lab presentations, and one end-of-semester project to complete within a 12 day time span. Not to mention that some of the exams took place on the same day. And to make things even better, I picked up a cold from the randomly chilly weather.

All in all, this time of the year really tests you on how bad you want to accomplish the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the semester. And hopefully all of the hard work that you’ve put in throughout the first semester will pay off when all of your grades are put into UAccess.

I hope you’re December isn’t as dreaded as mine.

Until Next Time,

-Darius Amos



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