#DreadedDecember: Choosing Sides

25 Dec

Many don’t know the struggle when you’re in a separated-parent family. During the year it does get annoying, but it doesn’t compare to when holidays come around. Both your mom and dad expect you to spend time with them and you have to choose.

Thanksgiving: During Thanksgiving, there is the struggle that mom wants you to help her cook the turkey. You help her make the thanksgiving dinner and feel pride in what you have cooked, so you want to try it and end up eating two plates. Then, you get a call from you dad telling you that the turkey at his house is ready. As he is talking the only thing that comes to mind is that you are going to have to eat double. When you get to dad’s house your theory about eating double is proven right. Not such a bad thing, I guess.

Christmas: This holiday is supposed to  unite the entire family. When you come from a family with separated parents its not the case. Both parents want you to be at their houses on Christmas Eve. As the mature adult that you are, you come up with a plan which is to be at mom’s for Christmas Eve and to be at dad’s for Christmas Day. Things don’t work out like that because you have a boyfriend now and he wants you to be with his family as well. For two days you are trying to be in three different places at the same time. The other problem faced, is that things get expensive! You’re part of three celebrations and need to buy gifts for everyone. So your list is long and divided! Here’s a sneak peek at mine…

  • Mom’s family: Mom, step-dad, 2 half sisters, half brother, tia, tio, 15 cousins, nana, tata, and the puppy!
  • Dad’s family: Dad, step-mom, 2 half brothers, tia, tio, nana, tata, nephew, and 2 nieces.

New Years: I decide to ditch every one and leave to Mexico with my best friend. 😀


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