#DreadedDecember: Planning for the Future

26 Dec

I need to start planning for next semester. It is  always a struggle when you are trying to plan for the future, especially if it is something that you need to start planning from now…talk about #DreadedDecember.

giphy (1)

It may seem like I have a lot of time, but in reality I don’t.

First, I need to make a decision and decide whether I want to apply for an internship or take a summer course. *Sighs*

If I do decide to do an internship, then I need to start applying, ask for recommendation,s and calculate the cost of living if it is out of town.

However, if  decide to do summer school, then I need to check the summer schedule and find out if the class is offered during the summer. If it is, then I need to pay the fee and sign up for the class.

It’s going to take a lot of planning and the best option right now is to get advice from my advisor and peers.


I’ll just make sure to take some time to relax too!



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