How To Balance a Healthy Student Lifestyle

8 Jan

Freshman 15 is a real thing especially when living on campus! Staying healthy can seem like a challenge when Panda Express is your go-to before your noon class. In order to balance a healthy lifestyle, making time for yourself is important. To help you out, here are 4 tips to stay healthy.

  1. Sleep. Sleep can be hard to achieve with everything else going on around you, but sleep is essential for your health. Aim for 8 hours a night!
  2. Exercise. Exercising is overall good for your health. It helps alleviate stress, improves your mood, boosts your energy, helps your sleep better, prevents diseases, and can also be fun! Try new exercise routines, like fitness classes at the Rec Center, or an intramural sport with friends!
  3. Eat healthy food. The union has a lot of bad food choice items, however, it also has some healthy options too. Next time, instead of getting a soda, try a water bottle! You can also try soy or nonfat milk in your Starbucks. Small choices add up, so choose the healthier option whenever you can!
  4. Have a routine. Having a daily routine will make life easier when it comes to hitting the gym, finding time for meals, and adequate sleep time. Sometimes unexpected events will arise and it might throw off your schedule, but if you allocate enough time for the essentials every day it becomes easier to make exercise, sleep, and meal time a daily priority.

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