Just Keep Digging

18 Jan

Sometimes you have a big enough problem that you feel a little stuck and it takes a lot of extra effort to dig yourself out. A time when I had to dig a little deeper involved a car accident that was not my fault.

There was no doubt that I had to get my car repaired. As a college student with no help from my parents, I had to find a job fast while still being a full time student. I did not understand how I was supposed to feed myself, pay my bills, and save money for my car repairs all at the same time. Stressed with school, the last thing I wanted was to be constantly worrying about my finances. It was a long and difficult first year as a freshman, but I pulled through. I worked long nights, attended all my classes, and saved my money. It was hard having to tell friends no when they wanted to hang out, but my car repairs were over $2,000 and I paid for it all myself. I stayed up many late nights and had no form of transportation but my bike while I worked off campus. Today I am glad to announce that I was able to pay to get my car fully repaired. I am proud of myself for accomplishing my goal and got my car back and fully repaired all by myself.


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