Jumpstart January: Achieving Academic Peace of Mind

29 Jan

If your backpack is full of syllabi, your D2L bursting with notifications and due dates, but yet your planner is as clear as the day it was printed, stop procrastinating! If you’re like me then there is a little voice in the back of your head screaming exactly that, but it’s up to us to make sure that voice is heard before the consequences start coming.

You’ve probably tried a paper planner, an agenda app, or even an excel spreadsheet to organize those thoughts and keep ahead of deadlines. Instead of drilling the deadlines, maybe you can motivate yourself to look forward to your homework.

Before you laugh or scoff, consider your homework space. Where do you usually do your homework? Where do you do your best work? It’s usually not in bed, nor in front of the TV or anywhere else you usually go to get your recreation done.

Try setting up a work station away from your bed, TV, and phone. Set a timer for the length of your attention span so you can power through and then take breaks. Studies have shown that your brain will get on board with the workload if you tell it that work is what you want it to do.

How do we get our brains to want to do what we ourselves don’t want to do? We bribe it, of course! What would you rather have – an essay to write, or an essay to write over coffee and a tasty pastry? Spoil yourself a little. After all, you’re earning it!

But if you’re counting calories or the pennies at the bottom of your piggy bank, maybe you just need to beautify your study-scape.

Have you seen the lily pond? Have you taken a moment to lay on the lush lawns or do some reading under a shady tree on campus? If you’ve never taken lunch on the top balcony of the student union or visited Flandrau’s Bicentennial Moon tree, it might be time to soak up some sun.

Jump start your semester this January by finding the rewards that keep you going. Infuse your day with the small things that let you live it up a little to keep your spirits high semester-round.


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