How I Became a Wildcat

31 Jan

From the first day of my high school career, I wanted to attend university. At the time, I didn’t know whether I wanted to attend an in-state or out-of-state university, or even which universities existed. But I did know one thing: I would go to college. The questions I asked myself consisted of “What universities do I want to apply? How much do I need to save? What degree do I want to pursue? How do I get accepted?” I made it my mission to answer these questions, even from day one.

This did not mean that I did not have a good time in high school. I got involved in clubs and sports teams and built long lasting friendships. Finally senior year was here and the application process began. I applied to Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Grand Canyon University. By January I knew which universities I had gotten into and what each of them was offering me. As a first generation college student, attending a university is a huge accomplishment for my family and me. What appeared to be an unattainable goals was suddenly within reach.

I had to consider the pros and cons for each university I was accepted to in order to properly decide. Money, location, weather, and programs offered were the main things to consider, especially the financial portion. As my mom’s translator, I often helped her with bills and I knew exactly how much money was in the bank. I knew we wouldn’t be able to pay for school. I was discouraged. One teacher I had and was close with told me that there were other options, that I could apply for scholarships to help pay for my school. With this professors help, I was able to overcome this financial burden and once again be on the path to college.

So why did I pick the U of A? The main reason was that I wanted to get a degree in science and eventually get a job in health care. I did not know if I wanted to go the pre-med route, or nursing, or to get a bachelor’s degree in a science such as biology. Regardless of my uncertainty, I knew these different paths were similar and knew I should pick a university that was known for these degrees. I narrowed it down to 3: U of A, NAU, and GCU. I then eliminated GCU because it was almost twice the cost and it was too close to home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I needed to start being independent. I was down to NAU and U of A. If I attended  NAU, I would be able to experience snow in the winter and leaves changing in the fall. Many of my friends were going to NAU, so I figured I wouldn’t be alone there. But somehow I had a feeling that NAU was not for me. I realized that UA had better medical programs and I would only be 2 hours away from home. I would be far enough so I could be independent, but close enough so that I could see my family. So U of A it was.

This is how I became a Wildcat and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made!

How did you decide to become a Wildcat?



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