#JumpStartJanuary: Calendar Ready!

1 Feb

At the beginning of every school year I buy myself a 12 month calendar booklet that I keep with me everyday in my backpack. This habit of mine first started in middle school when I was given an agenda for the first time ever. In high school it continued and I was lucky enough to continue to get free agendas. Entering my freshman year of college I was given an agenda from my scholarship, but last year was the first year I had to go out and find my own agenda! Agendas can get pretty pricey, depending on what you need. I first looked at the bookstore but I was very disappointed at the small size, so I had to head to Target and Walmart. Target and Walmart had a wide variety of agendas with different colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for you!

Once you have the perfect agenda that you want to keep for the year, collect all your syllabi and fill out your calendar with all the important due dates of assignments, midterms, finals, and extra credit. After the first week of classes, I prefer to attack my planner with multiple colored sharpie pens. Then I start with each syllabus one by one. Besides just school related due dates, I also write down birthdays, dinner plans, holidays, and other events that I need reminders of. It may seem long at first to write down all these days, however, during any given week it is exceptionally helpful to be able to look and see what is coming up that needs a head start.

This habit of mine helps me stayed organized and I highly recommend it for every one. It can be useful for a multitude of reasons, but it is the first thing I tackle to jump start every semester!


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