#JumpstartJanuary: Makin’ Healthy Changes

1 Feb

New Year’s resolutions are often broken by the end of the first month (if not the first week) of the new year. How many times have we heard, “this year I’m going to go to the gym three times a week and eat healthy foods.” Because of this I didn’t want to make a New Year’s resolution this year I wanted to make a lifetime goal and implement a healthy diet into my lifestyle.

“Yup, that means no more fast-food!!!”


Okay lets be honest cutting out all fast-food restaurants for the rest of my life will most likely not happen. But cutting my consumption of fast-food in half this year seems pretty realistic. Last year I spent about $110 a month on fast food; thats almost a phone bill spent on pizzas, burgers, and hot wings every month!


This January I decided that things will be different: less fast food, healthier eating habits, and most importantly more money!!!


Okay so now you’re probably asking, “Well what are going to do to implement a healthier diet into your lifestyle?” Its quite simple actually. I set up an diet plan where each day of the week I eat two to three meals that contain a healthy portion of vegetables, grains, and proteins. Thus far I’ve noticed my favorite meals to prepare are grilled chicken with rice and broccoli for sides. Im also limiting myself to only eating fast-food three times a month.


Since I’ve changed my diet I’ve noticed a major change in my energy throughout the day. Its easier for me to get out of the bed in the morning and I’ve been getting a lot of work done, and most importantly I feel better about myself.


Overall, I can say that this change has been great. I’m looking forward to continue this diet for a while and maybe one day I’ll have a new goal or change to implement into my lifestyle.

Until next time,

Darius Amos


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