#JumpStartJanuary: Making Healthy Choices

1 Feb

New year’s resolutions are very common among college students. This year I decided not to call it a “new year’s resolution.” I decided to call it a change in my health habits. I realized I was not taking care of my health and I needed to take care of it. Here’s what I did:



Last semester I was always so busy. Honestly, I wasn’t as busy as I pretended to be because I would still stay up scrolling through my phone and watching Netflix. It has been three weeks since school started and, although I still scroll through my phone, I know that I have to be asleep by 10 to wake up at 6. I didn’t expect those eight hours of sleep allow me to wake up very energized and not grumpy, but it’s been great!

2. Eating habits:


My eating habits have always been unbalanced. When I was in high school, I had less stress and more time to prepare my own food at home. Starting college I was so stressed to make my own food, so I started eating out a lot. The student union has a variety of foods, but I went towards the Panda Express, Burger King, and Pizza. Those foods are obviously unhealthy. By the end of the semester I had gained twenty five pounds. In three weeks, a lot has changed. I am making sure that I have a good breakfast, along with bringing lunch, and bringing two or three snacks for the day. So far I have lost ten pounds and it has made my bank account “healthy” too.

3. Physical Activities:


Along with sleeping better and eating better, I have found a way to reduce my stress and help my health. I’ve been going to the Rec Center. We already pay for the gym here at the U of A, so why not go? I would always make the excuse that the gym is full or that I had too much homework to go. I decided to stop making excuses and I am now going in the mornings. Since my sleeping habits have changed I do not feel lazy to go. Yes, I am very busy, but I have found time to go to the gym at least one hour a day. My routine is thirty minutes of cardio and thirty minutes of weight lifting. This really help me with stress and it is healthy for me.

4. Drinking water:


We all know that drinking water is essential for our health. Ever since I changed my sleeping habits, I don’t need as much coffee. I’ve replaced it with water. I especially need water because I am working out now. I have seen an improvement with my with skin. I make sure to bring a larger water bottle to school and fill it up during the day at least three times. Drinking water also helps me get full faster which helps me when trying to eat better.

As we all know being healthy is harder than it looks, but it is all about making it a habit. It takes twenty-one days to create a habit. Good Luck !


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