7 Feb

They say the friends you make in college, are the friends you’ll keep for life. So, personal growth and interpersonal skills development are as much a part of the college experience as intellectual advancement and the mastery of work-related skills.


Obviously, intellectual competence in college is very important. By feeling competent, students can feel more at ease and more confident in general. Along with intellectual competence, I believe it is also extremely important for young students to develop strong, healthy relationships while in college. Personal relationships add richness to our lives and help us feel healthier emotionally and mentally. I can luckily say that I have been blessed enough with truly caring friends who have always had my back.


I am extremely thankful for having my buddy (and current roommate) Justin by my side for most of my college career. Justin and I met in New Start the summer before our freshman year. We clicked right away and became really great friends over the years and helped each other through some difficult times. I can still remember the time when he called me from the hospital asking for a ride home after a bit of a medical scare. But I also still remember the time when he helped me cope with the loss of my grandpa. And of course, I can never forget all memories we made together over these four years. But most importantly, I feel that having a friend like Justin has made my time here at the UA that much more enjoyable. With graduation around the corner, I know our time together here is coming to an end, but I know we’ll always stay in touch.


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