10 Random Facts You Need To Know About Codi

12 Feb
  1. Her favorite movie is Gone With The Wind, and she would love to play Scarlett O’Hara in a remake of the film.
  2. Her tongue can touch her nose.
  3. Her dream in life is to own a yacht and sail from California to Argentina and then to Australia.
  4. She just met Erika Lerma over the summer, even though everyone thinks they met years ago.
  5. Her dream job is to manage a hospital and contribute to cancer and diabetes research to find a cure!
  6. Codi once was dared to jump out of the back of a truck, she was only 13 and she did it! This certainly proves that she does not back down from a challenge.
  7. Codi is so beloved that she even has a goat named after her that currently resides in Phoenix, his name is Codi Jr.
  8. At the age of 11 Codi traveled to Australia and while she was there she got to hold a Koala and baby alligator!
  9. Codi got feathers in her hair to attend a Ke$ha concert.
  10. Codi was prom and homecoming queen at her high school.

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