Serve the Community with Clubs and Organizations

12 Feb

Although college students have a lot going on, there’s always some time to spare. Clubs and organizations here at the university are a perfect way to spend your extra time wisely . Besides creating networks and gaining experience, you can find a club that serves the community. Serving the community looks great on a resume, but it’s also a personally rewarding experience. I got involved in a club my freshman year since I was not working and had some free time. In this club we were able to volunteer at places like Casa Maria’s, Ben’s Bells, and prepare activities for children from low-income families. It was a great experience and I learned so much.

Here is a list of a few clubs and organizations on campus that are dedicated to serving the community.

Arizona Allegiance Honorary– “Supporting the Arizona Wildcats through over 90 years of Tradition, Spirit, and Sportsmanship.”

Arizona Ambassadors Honorary– “Arizona Ambassadors are the official student tour guides of The University of Arizona. They are a volunteer/honorary organization affiliated with the Office of Admissions.”

Arizona Mentor Society– “Our vision is to inspire youth in the Tucson community to exceed and become excited about academics through tutoring and mentorship.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters-“The UA BBBST Club is a space for all individuals affiliated with BBBST to connect in their shared passion for mentorship and volunteerism.”

Club Latino-“Find a place to practice your Spanish and take part in various activities including community service, social events and fundraising events.”

Eller Green Team– “The mission of the Eller Green Team is to build and maintain an environmentally and socially responsible culture in the Eller College.”

Environmental Awareness Society-“The UA Environmental Awareness Society’s mission is to raise awareness, advocate, and collaborate with organizations that strive to preserve the environment.”

Faces in Health Professions-“Faces in the Health Professions is a pre-health club focused on aiding underserved populations.”

Kindness Club-“We spread the message of Ben’s Bells across Tucson through fundraisers and volunteer events on and off campus!”

ZoomCats– “Teaching local kids about health and fitness through weekly running and physiology activities!”

What are you excited about getting involved with?


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