5 Midterm Study Tips For You!

26 Feb

Finding the best way to study can be a challenge for anyone. As a freshman, I really struggled when it came to test taking and getting the grade I wanted. Here are five study tips to help with those upcoming midterms!

  1. Make a study plan. Do not start studying the night before a midterm. Make a concise plan on what days and what times to study for which test.
  2. Concentrate. It can be difficult to study in your dorm room with a bunch of people and loud noise. Move to a quite area such as a study room or the library to ensure you have silence and are able to study in peace.
  3. Positivity: Stay positive! It is simple if you continue to tell yourself that you are going to pass, then you will pass! A negative attitude will not fix anything.
  4. Group Sessions: Try studying with a group of classmates. That way if you do not understand a concept maybe someone else will and they will be able to help you out.
  5. Take breaks: Take regular breaks, taking a break can help keep you focused and does not tire you out as fast.

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