#FearlessFebruary: Buying Hermit Crabs

29 Feb

My freshman year my roommate gave me her fish when she left for the summer because it could not travel on the airplane with her. I was beyond excited because I had not owned a fish since I was about 11 years old. Her fish came in a very cute Finding Nemo tank, however, the filter did not work very well. A few days after I got the fish the tank was extremely dirty. While I was cleaning the tank I put the fish in a bowl, and I was not paying too much attention to him. Something came up and I had to leave so I did not finish cleaning the tank. Later on in the day when I came home I noticed the fish was not in the bowl. I panicked, I thought maybe it was a prank and I looked every where, was he in the fridge, in a cabinet, where was he? Finally I looked down and I saw the fish had jumped out of the bowl and into the sink. I was devastated… my fish had died.

Since then I have been hesitant to own another small animal. But I decided to face my fears and search for a new pet to make mine. Two weeks ago I decided I wanted to buy another fish. When I got there, I decided to buy two small hermit crabs instead! The gentleman at Petco told me hermit crabs live up to 18 years, and that they did not need much to survive. I was absolutely thrilled so I took them home and played with them for hours watching them crawl and admiring their small shells and bodies.

I no longer have a fear of owning a small animal because I have owned the crabs for two weeks now and they are still alive! I have total faith in myself that the crabs will survive and not jump into the sink when I need to clean their tank!

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