#FearlessFebruary: I’ve Been BeanBoozled

29 Feb

Jelly Belly’s BeanBoozled! Challenge has recently taken the world by storm. This challenge has completely revolutionized the way people eat jelly beans all over the world! This challenge has managed to highlight and capitalize on how ridiculously fun it is to see people eat horribly tasting flavors! Thousands of people across the world have engaged in this challenge, and I decided that this month it would be my turn to take on this challenge. This month I will conquer my fear of the nasty jelly bean.

The challenge consists picking from a variety of different looking jelly beans. Each color/style of jelly beans has two corresponding flavors that it could taste like. For example, the solid brown jelly bean either tastes like chocolate pudding or dog food. The person consuming the jelly bean is not aware which flavor the jelly bean will taste like until they literally taste it themselves. There lies the challenge, and fun.


Buying the BeanBoozled! Challenge, and looking at the box the beans came in, I thought that this challenge was going to be a piece a cake. Literally. I thought that every single Jelly Bean I tasted was going to be sweet and tasty, but boy was I mistaken. I assumed that the jelly beans wouldn’t taste THAT bad, I mean, after all, little kids were uploading videos of themselves doing the challenge to YouTube. I thought I could definitely do this. I was not ready for the horrendous sensations that my mouth was soon about to witness.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some flavorful food. I love me some FOOD, in general. I love trying new things. However, I was definitely not prepared for the effects that this challenge was going to leave in my mouth. No matter how many times I’ve brushed my teeth since, it’s still there. It’s like those horrible flavors are alive.

I will definitely never play this game again. It was unbearable for me, as I had predicted. The important part of this experience though, is that I was able to overcome it and make my own conclusions from it. I think everyone should attempt things that scare them, at least once. Only by conquering some of our fears are we able to truly grow.



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