#FearlessFebruary: Meeting Grandpa

29 Feb

Meeting new people is always difficult, especially for me. I am one of those people who wants everyone to like me and I get very upset when they don’t. When people do not seem fond of me, I seem to wrack my brain in order to figure it out. Sometimes nerves come over me when I meet someone because I want to make the best impression. This definitely happened when I met my boyfriend, Casey’s, grandfather.

Casey’s entire family has been the sweetest and most welcoming family I have ever met. They are always fun, always make me laugh as well as poke fun the entire night. This was a little different story for his grandfather. Casey told me that he is a nice guy but he has a hard exterior. He also said his grandpa might not seem to like me but most likely he will. This made me super nervous because I did not know what to expect and what Casey told me did not make me feel any more comfortable.

I did not know whether Casey was just trying to prepare me because his grand father is the grumpiest old man in the world or if he was trying to make me nervous. Either way, I tried to imagine every possible situation that this could turn out.

  1. Casey is joking about his grandfather being a hard man and he actually turns out to be the goofiest person ever like Casey. (Best case scenario)


  1. Casey’s grandfather does not like me one bit and makes it obvious. Then, I feel weird all night and do not want to talk. (Worst case Scenario)


  1. His grandfather is very passive and every time I talk to him he does not answer. He looks so bored that he just seems like he is going to fall asleep any minute.


  1. I make a complete fool of myself in front of his grandfather and I am embarrassed to show my face again.


Even though I made up a lot of ridiculous scenarios in my head, it turned out to be a lot different. Casey’s grandfather and I had a really nice conversation and he talked a lot to me about his life and silly stories about Casey when he was growing up. We laughed a lot and we both poked fun at each other the entire night. He made fun of how short I was and I made fun of him for not being able to hear that well. He was actually a lot like Casey – he is super sweet and kind but loves to make fun of you when he can.



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