#FearlessFebruary: Rattling Resume Review

29 Feb

At some point or another everyone who wants to make any sort of living has to create and submit a resume. The page long manifesto that gives employers a brisk peek into your experiences and skills is possibly one of the most important pages you will ever write. On campus, career services offers walk-in hours where they will help you fine tune your resume and make it as good as it can possibly be. Evaluations are sometimes a tough and nerve racking experience, especially if you’re the one being assessed. Personally I know I don’t like my work being judged but I also know that getting things reviewed is extremely beneficial. I decided to take a trip up to career services and have them review my resume to give me some tips for improvement. Overall the trip to career services was not as bad as I was expecting. My resume definitely needed some major changes but now I feel way more confident that any employers that reads the resume will be impressed. Here are some major tips career services shared with me to help you start crafting your masterpiece:

No Borders/Colors: Borders and colors will make your resume too busy and cluttered. Employers need to see a sleek streamlined set of details that they are interested in without being distracted by colors and borders.

Share Your Experiences: If you list certain experiences on your resume take the time to briefly elaborate on what exactly you learned or any skills you implemented by participating. This will highlight your unique skillset and give employers a better idea of what you’ve done.

Keep it Short and Sweet: Like I mentioned earlier, employers need to be able to easily identify the information they need and often times don’t have enough time to read the full page. Keeping your resume to one page will ensure your content is concentrated with relevant information.


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