#FearlessFebruary: Yoga Novice

29 Feb

Dear reader,

This month we were instructed to do something out of our comfort zone so, I decided to go to a yoga class. Taking a yoga class is out of my comfort zone for 2 main reasons;

1). I am the least flexible human being on this planettumblr_mk6qnqbwc91rqml7ao2_250                                                                  (expectation)

Touch your Toes(reality)

2). I can’t stay still for too long.


I attended yoga class this past weekend and it was far from what I was expecting. The instructor was very kind and made me feel very comfortable (even if she was touching my body in order to show me the correct form I should be in). Naturally, I was a bit rusty since this was my first yoga class ever but, I enjoyed it very much. Yoga helped me relax by working on my breath technique and performing stretches and poses that released all of the tension in my body.


Trying new things can be scary at times but that’s what makes life interesting. If you’ve never attended a yoga class…I HIGHLY recommend it!


‘Til next time,



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