#FearlessFebruary: Awkward Conversations

1 Mar

Sometimes relationships get tough, and that’s when things get awkward. I have been living with my roommates for 6 months now, and a constant aggravation has been their cleaning habits. One of my roommates doesn’t use our common space, except to cook her meals. This wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t take my dishes to her room and leave them there for months on end. My other roommate is the opposite. She uses the common space more than anyone, is messier than all of us, and doesn’t clean unless I pester her for a week.

This is the 6 month point in our relationships and I am fed up with it all. In handling my issues with my first roommate, I have gotten my dishes back and decided to try and nurture a more amiable relationship with her by doing things together.

My second roommate proven to be much more difficult to talk to. It doesn’t help that I have been sick and overly emotional as of late. My issues with this roommate run much deeper, as we have become close friends. Over the last month I have realized that our friendship is very uneven. I drop everything to help her when she is in need, yet she can’t find the time to keep her word and follow through with the favors I ask of her, like bringing me medicine when I’m in the middle of having food poisoning. I am tired of cleaning up after her and limiting my time in my own apartment because I don’t want to be around the mess. Its unfair to me and it needs to stop.

At this point in our conflict, she is staying at her boyfriend’s house until we can find a time to discuss things. My plan of action is to write her a letter detailing all the things that are bothering me that way we can talk things through. I plan on waiting until I feel better so that I can approach things calmly and with a clear head. Tackling awkward conversations can be painful, but we have already taken the first step by admitting that things are broken.



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