To Change Or Not To Change

7 Mar

When I was in New Start, one of the most memorable words of wisdom they gave us were “the majority of people here will change their major at least once during college, and that’s completely okay.” And they were right, it is absolutely okay and also totally doable! Though I already had a major picked out when I applied for the U of A, there was always a hint of doubt about whether this major was truly for me. Hermione-thinking.gif

However, since I did have my heart pretty set on psychology and knew that it was a major that could be applied to many other fields, I stuck with it. But sometime during my spring semester as a sophomore, I felt the need to finally explore all my options. I was originally shooting for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, which required minimal math and science based classes. It was safe because I knew reading and writing is more my forte, but I wanted to see if math and science could be too.


I popped over the psychology building to meet with my advisor and she switched me to a Bachelor of Science within minutes. It was that easy and she completely understood why I wanted to make the change. Then later on that year, I also declared a minor in music for the purpose of adding creativity back in my life. Plus, I was a hardcore band geek all the way through high school and I missed being around music every day.


I signed up for a math class along with biology and the lab that went with it. And at this point I can confidently say that those two subjects are definitely not for me. I had every intention of becoming genuinely invested in these classes, but it just never happened. I missed my old classes; social psychology, personal morality, neurological development, you name it!


So I wandered back over the the psychology and met with my advisor yet again to have me switched back to pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. And again, like most academic adviors, she completely understood. Though I may have to stay at the U of A for an extra semester, I know it will be worth it in the long run. I wouldn’t want to invest so much time into something I’m not passionate about, and neither should you!



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