Best Class Ever! A List of ASA Peer Mentor Favorites

15 Mar

We have compiled a few recommendations from the PMs here at ASA in hopes to help you out as you plan for your Fall 2016 schedule.

LAS 150: Modern Latin America & NSC 170: Nutrition, Food, and You

Two of my favorite classes here at the U of A have been Gen Eds. My freshman year, I took a LAS 150 course about Latin American genocides. It was a very heavy topic, but it was really informative and I enjoyed it. It also opened my eyes to different majors and possibilities for different internship opportunities.

The second class I really enjoyed here was NSC 170, it was an introductory course for Nutrition. I strongly recommend this class for everybody! I learned so much about food and what it does for your body and how it can negatively impact your body and cause diseases like diabetes. It was a huge eye opener for me because I started to pay more attention to the type of foods I was eating and how I was at risk for certain diseases.


CLAS 116: Word Roots – Science and Medical Terminology

A U of A course that I personally enjoyed was  Medical Terminology (CLAS 116). It consisted of 13 chapters in total and each chapter was presented in an audio PowerPoint form. The class was self-taught and used a different site from D2l. The site cost $130 but I had 6 months of access granted. After each PowerPoint (which were a max of 35 slides long) there was be a test. I found the class very straightforward and was able to easily earn an A. The course has a timed final of 300 flashcards. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to raise their grade point average because it’s a fairly easy course. This course did not count towards any of my general education requirements, but it was a great GPA boost!

-Vanessa Galarza

CLAS 352: The Ancient Novel

By far my favorite class at U of A has been the Ancient Novel with Professor Groves. We used the entire “textbook” throughout the course and with the novels we covered various ways one can get in-depth meaning out of them. While the class is not the easiest, it is extremely interesting for those unafraid of a bit of work and some memorizing. While the topic was interesting, it was really the professor that made this class successful and enjoyable. Professor Groves has a passion for Classical Literature that he makes evident in every lecture and that made all the difference in the class.

-Chrissy Ellis

LING/PHIL 211: Meaning in Language and Society

I have taken a lot of Gen Ed classes. One of my favorite classes that I took was Meaning in Language and Society (LING/PHIL 211). I really enjoy philosophy as well as linguistics so if you are interested in either, I recommend this class. For those of you who do not know much about linguistics then I recommend Language ( LING150A). The professor, Amy Fountain, is passionate about the material and she honestly makes lectures a lot of fun. I definitely recommend this course if you are interested in learning about what makes a language a language or have any interest in talking parrots!

-Andres Quiroz

AST 333: Astronomy and the Arts

Ever wonder what would happen if you smashed an art history class and an astronomy class together? You have to take it to believe it, but Astronomy and the Arts (AST 333) is a really fun and exciting course that does just that. With Dr. Richard Poss to walk us through the collision of these two worlds, students ranging from English to Science majors all found themselves over the moon with this class. There was never a dull lecture, and assigned readings are always worthwhile. If you read, pay attention, and show up for class, you’ll ace your exams and have an experience that truly exemplifies why higher education rocks!

-Amanda Henry

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