#MiddlingMarch: Indoor Trampoline Enthusiast

28 Mar

Dear reader,

I’ve been living in Tucson for almost 3 years now and I had never been to the oh-so-famous Get Air indoor trampoline park. Midterms have been rough this semester (to say the least) and I just really wanted to let go of all the tension and stress I have been experiencing.Alice 6


On top of that, my family was also visiting that week so it was a perfect opportunity to go.

I went in thinking I would most likely be trampled by a crowd of children or lose my pants in the jumping pit, but none of that happened. I actually had a really good time, and as a bonus, I was sore the next day from all the running and jumping. It’s actually a really good workout!foam-cubes

We ended up going on a Wednesday night which was perfect because we had the whole park to ourselves. It was my two younger brothers and my boyfriend who truly enjoyed themselves. I was content with just jumping around but they were making a competition out of everything, which was actually fun to see.


Nevertheless, I really enjoyed myself and it was the stress relief I desperately needed. Sometimes all we need is to act like a kid again to recenter ourselves and get ready for the daily grind again!

‘Til next time,


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