#MiddlingMarch: Meditation

29 Mar

March has came upon us quicker than I expected. Although Spring break is a huge break from all of the classwork that has started to pile up at this time of the year. I wanted to get over the hump in a way that not only would take my mind off of all the madness that March brings but that would also get me through it. So, the method that I chose to tackle the stress that school brings is meditation.

Usually around this time of the year I find myself taking more naps than usual and watching tons of tv during my free time as an escape from stress. This year I wanted to be more productive and take advantage of my free time. So I decided to stop being lazy and go on a hike up a trail outside the back of my apartment complex. The hike itself was fairly peaceful. It wasn’t too hot outside, a fresh breeze of air would come every so often, and it was quiet which made it even more relaxing. After 30 minutes I finally reached the top of the mountain to an amazing view of Tucson’s amazing sunset.

I sat at the top of the mountain taking deep breathes until the sun went down and the sky was dark. I was at peace with everything that was going on in life. I was no longer anxious or nervous for upcoming exams, no longer stressed about of the writing assignments that were due. It felt like I was on top if the world.

Since then meditation has become a part of my weekly schedule. Sundays before the sun sets, I hike up the mountain and try to prepare my mind for the week ahead of me. I believe that it has helped me with attitude and mood when I wake up in the morning. I feel as if I have more energy to start off my day. Mondays are no longer dreaded, I actually look forward to starting  off my week. I would recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of meditation to be added to everyone’s schedule – it has had a positive impact on how I view things and it also is an escape from the stress that comes during the school week.

Hope you enjoyed my MiddlingMarch post,

Darius Amos

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