Re-energize over Spring Break

29 Mar

The week right before spring break can be a very, very, long week. It is about that time in the semester when everyone is starting to get burnt out if they are not already burnt out. So how do you re-energize for the final push of school after spring break? There really is no right answer and it just depends on the individual. As for me, going home is the greatest thing ever. However, it is not enough to simply go home to recharge. I need more. My favorite pastimes are playing games/sports and doing my hobbies such as drawing and dancing. This is exactly what I did during spring break.

Some days I would just go to Oso Park. Those who are from Phoenix may know this park. Here everyone gathers around the two “canchitas,” where there are two soccer turf fields for a game of 6 on 6. On these fields, the losing teams switch out with the team who called out next, and the rotation keeps happening. I can spend hours just playing soccer scrimmages with my friends.There is no greater feeling than winning and being sore the next day. So if you like to play pick-up games, use Spring Break to its fullest.

Family is very important to many people including myself, so I make sure I spend quality time with them. Me and my cousins got together and rented a movie. We bought bags of chips, different kinds of drinks ranging from sodas to juice to capri suns. Then we played UNO, and played the fast version of Monopoly. It was a day full of laughter. If you enjoy spending time with your family, this can be a great way to bond and get motivated to finish the school year strong.

Waking up to take those early hikes can be difficult especially during spring break. However, they can be worth it,the view is beautiful and the hikes leaves you feeling refreshed. After Spring Break you only have about 7 weeks of school left. A whole year has almost passed ! Make those weeks worth it and be successful!!

“Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed”

-Abraham Lincoln


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