#MiddlingMarch: Spring Cleaning

30 Mar

Spring has always been a great time for me. It is when I am the most inspired, motivated, and driven. What gives me the most trouble during spring is Spring Break. Spring Break is both a blessing and a curse because it is just the vacation you’ve been begging for but also a very good way to kill your motivation. Most people either come back from spring break highly motivated, or completely over school. To remain a part of the first group, I went ahead and pushed myself to stay productive over break.

This Spring Break I did a little spring cleaning. I love the idea of spring cleaning-getting rid of all the dirtiness in your life, getting rid of clutter, and starting new. Not only did I do some literal cleaning, but also some mental and emotional tidying. I am a pretty clean person to begin with, I take out the trash often, I do laundry once a week, I put things away after I use them, I do dishes, and I don’t like clutter so everything has a place. Even though I am clean, deep cleaning is something I don’t get a chance to do often. Over spring break I reorganized my closet, recycled old papers, packed up a lot of my winter clothes, and changed out some artwork. I also took advantage of being alone in the apartment by cleaning the common area. The living room needed a lot of work, so I took care of it and rearranged things a bit. The act of cleaning is very therapeutic for me. Its a great way to give my brain a rest while I do manual work, or it gives me the time to day dream and problem solve. My friends laugh at me when I tell them I enjoy cleaning sometimes, but it works for me.

The most important part of my spring cleaning was the emotional aspect. Before spring break I decided to end a relationship I was in. Things were okay, and I really liked the person I was with, it just wasn’t great. I needed more. More attention, more time, more communication. I knew that it wasn’t working for me because it felt like I was always making the effort by myself. Its really terrible when you have to end things because you want more than your partner can give you, but sometimes its the best thing you can do. I took the time spring break gave me and reevaluated what I want and mourned what was. Sometimes we need to take the time and sit with feelings. Dealing with things can be painful but necessary. Now I am refocused on finishing out the semester strong and taking steps to be happy.


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