Registration Reflections

13 Apr

It’s almost time for registration! This can be a stressful time for students as we’re scrambling to make the right choices for our academic future while trying to keep our heads wrapped around the semester at hand.  Luckily, there are plenty of resources and tools available to make it a smooth process that leads to a new semester of success!

One of the most important online tools available is the office of the Registrar’s Dates & Deadlines page ( This is where I always find out when registration opens, when account balances are due, and what the final dates are for adding and dropping classes.

Once I’m aware of the timeline, it’s time to take action. The UAccess homepage ( is the central intelligence headquarters of my academic operation. Here I can find the student center which contains all of my contact info, class schedule, class search, and important notices. Through the student center I can customize the guest center to allow a guest to access part or all of my academic information. This way I can allow my parents to have access to my bursar’s balance, final grades, and more if I so choose.

Sometime between the middle and the end of each semester, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the margin on the right-hand side of UAccess. Notices about important dates and reminders will display here, including the “enrollment appointment” date when registration opens. I usually wake up early on this date so I can lock down my spot before it fills up.

Before I start loading up my schedule, it’s important to know what my degree plan says. To do this, I find the “advisement report” page through the student center with the drop down box next to my class schedule. I sometimes find this information a bit confusing, but my advisor can walk me through it. This is how I do my own homework on what classes I need for my degree before I meet my advisor.

I always feel like my head is spinning when I walk into my advisors office, but when I leave, I feel confident, on track, and capable of accomplishing my goals. They help me see where I am in my degree plan, make a comprehensive list of required classes I have left, and help my choose the best classes for my personal needs.

When it comes to choosing between two or more professors for a class, I always try talking to a professor I liked who teaches a similar subject. Chances are they’ll know who else in their department has a similar teaching style. They also know who specializes in what within their department and they can usually tell my who will be best for my learning style.

Now you’re ready. You know what classes you need and all you need to do now is to get your seat reserved when registration opens. Now it’s time to get all of the classes you want into your shopping cart and narrow them down.

When it comes time to enroll, I always use the “enrollment shopping cart” link located under the class schedule on the UAccess student center. This way I can use the check boxes next to the classes in my cart instead of selecting them one at a time. If I can’t get into something I was banking on, I make sure I don’t panic. I keep this class in my shopping cart and keep checking. When other people drop and swap classes, there might be a lucky open seat.

A little bit of planning can go a very long way when it comes to keeping my head on straight as I prepare for future semesters.



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