Really Ready For Registration

15 Apr

For the most part my registration days have been successful; I woke up on time, got all the classes I wanted, and not one single tear has been shed. Perhaps that’s a bit over-exaggerating, but it really is a bummer when that one class you’ve been looking forward to has filled up at the very last minute. I think we can all relate to that one.anigif_enhanced-buzz-12437-1405559057-4

However I would like to think that my experience registering for the very first time is quite unique, which is why I wasn’t prepared for it in the slightest!

As a junior in high school I had the opportunity to participate in an early college program that allowed me to take college classes while I was still attending high school. So by the time I graduated I had accumulated 37 college credits. And when I came to the University of Arizona, I was not fully aware of how the categorization of classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) operated. I figured, like high school, first year equals freshman.

Well, I was wrong.


My roommate and I covered the basics the night before; set our alarms to 5:55, double-checked our carts on UAccess, and made sure our laptops were charged and close by. These tips proved to be extremely helpful when 6 o’clock finally rolled around. She and I logged into UAccess as fast as we possible could. We groggy yet very determined. But it felt like the UAccess page was taking ages to upload, which of course is due to thousands of other freshman attempting to access said page all at the same time.


Once we finally could hit the ‘enroll’ button, we waited…and waited…and waited…for at least 10 minutes! Suddenly my roommate says, “Yes! I got all the classes I wanted!” which made me worry since the wheel in the upper left corner was still frantically turning for me. Eventually I was taken to a different page, however I didn’t get a message that said I was successfully enrolled, I got one telling me that I was unable to enroll at this time!

So of course I immediately thought the worse; “I’m being kicked out of college” or “my financial aid didn’t pull through” or “I’m in trouble for something”. So I emailed admissions and an hour or so later I got a response informing me that I was at a sophomore standing and that my opportunity to register was the previous week.



Though I was pretty bummed knowing that the classes I wanted would probably be filled by the end of the week, it felt pretty cool knowing that I was considered a sophomore in the university’s eyes.

All in all, the moral of the story is, if you have any questions at all concerning registration (or just anything in general) please don’t hesitate to ask! I certainly wish I did!


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