Worst Moment Ever

15 Apr

It was the Spring Semester of my first year at the U of A and I felt like registration was going to be a breeze. Registering for my Spring courses had been easy. I orchestrated a nice schedule for myself, got up early with my roommate, clicked the finish enrollment button and within minutes I had all the classes I needed.Unfortunately I was wrong. This would be the worst registration experience of undergraduate career.

I woke up early, put on my glasses, washed my face, brushed my teeth, grabbed my laptop and walked downstairs to the common room with my roommate. We both grabbed donuts and hot chocolate and settled in at a nice table. I logged into UAccess and pulled up my shopping cart. I had 5 minutes to spare, so I ate my donut and sipped my hot chocolate. At 5:59am I refreshed my page. At 6:00am I pressed finished enrollment. At 6:03am I was redirected to a page and was blocked from enrolling. At 6:10am I had logged in on 3 different devices and tried to finish enrolling countless times. By 6:15am my R.A. was helping me figure out why I wasn’t able to enroll. Turns out I was already considered a sophomore because of all the Advanced Placement Credit I had come in with and all the units I had already completed. I was devastated.

Missing my enrollment period was the worst thing that could happen to me in that moment. Being a science major, there was a very specific order I needed to take my classes in, and it also meant that many of my classes were in high demand, making the whole situation even worse because of the competition for seats in my classes. I felt stupid and dumbfounded because I thought I had everything under control. I thought I could do it all on my own. I didn’t really have anyone in a position of authority I felt comfortable approaching to ask questions. I planned to have my advisor meeting after I had registered so that we could just double check things. I didn’t know that I would actually need help. I was also a little angry because I didn’t even know where to look to find out what was wrong. I felt under prepared and disappointed.

Thankfully, I was able to scramble around and pull things together over the next few months so that in the Fall, I had all the classes I needed. I would check UAccess multiple times a day to see if the classes I needed opened up, and I was fortunate enough to make the cut at the last minute. My schedule was not sexy at all. There were 8ams and art history classes and nothing was convenient or easy, but I learned how to push myself and to stay focused on what matters most. I do not recommend missing your enrollment period at all, it is hectic and just awful. All I can say is that I made it through, and I never messed up on registration ever again.


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