#AdventurousApril: Computer Build

18 Apr

For the past six or so months I had been planning on building a computer. My family has been in need of a new computer and when my mom was shopping for a new PC, I ended up telling her I would build the PC myself. The only issue with this is I have never put a computer together and didn’t really know how to.We are now in April and the “making a  PC for the family” idea has come full circle. To say the least, it was quite an adventure that has sprouted the start of possibly a new hobby of mine.


The great thing about Building PCs is that it is surprisingly simple. Basically you buy already built parts and assemble them all together for the finished product. The first hard part about my computer build was making sure that all of the parts were compatible with each other. Thankfully I had the advice from a friend when choosing parts but eventually I simply just spent a few hours online doing some research. I looked at the type of motherboard, getting the right case, etc. After some well spent hours online I was ready to order my parts. With the help of my friends, building my first computer was a success!


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