#AdventurousApril: My Blazing Hot Adventure

18 Apr

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love spicy food. From Hot Cheetos to hot wings my daily diet most likely consist of some sort of spicy dish. This last weekend a group of friends and I decided to attempt the Blazing Hot Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings.

For those who do not know what the Blazing Hot Challenge, it’s a contest that Buffalo Wild Wings holds in honor of their spiciest hot wing sauce. In the challenge, the customer is required to finish 12 hot wings covered in the restaurants “blazing hot” sauce. If the customer is able to finish all 12 wings then they get their picture taken and hung up on the wall of the store and a t-shirt. If the customer does not finish the wings, then they have to pay for the 12 wings that were provided and return home with a burning mouth.

Let’s just say that I was one of the contestants who had to return home with a burning mouth. My first bite into one of the dozen wings showed me how much I underestimated the spiciness of their hot sauce. My mouth literally felt like it was on fire. My eyes began to water to the point where it looked like I was crying. I couldn’t see anything but the flashes from the camera’s of my friends phones and I could only hear all of the laughs from those who were surrounding me.

Although these wings were extremely hot, I wasn’t backing down for the challenge (so I thought). Surprisingly I finished my first two wings without hesitation. “This isn’t so bad” I told everyone. But after finishing my third wing I couldn’t handle anymore. I was down to my last drop  of water and there were no refills during the challenge. I couldn’t help but to tap out. My friends seemed to enjoy every moment of me struggling to continue the contest. Talking felt impossible due to my mouth being sore.

All in all, this was truly an adventure that I will remember for the rest of my life. I guess I can say that the moral of the story is to never underestimate the spiciness of Buffalo Wild Wings’ blazing hot sauce.

Until next time,

Darius Amos


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