Adventurous April

19 Apr

With the end of the semester comes intense pressure and a build up of stress.  Although one may study with friends and change their scenery, it can still be overwhelming. This was my situation this past week. My friends and I were studying at the dinner table and we were so stressed that there was tension between us for no given reason at all. We were all so exhausted, sleep deprived, and stressed over school work. I saw this and I knew I wanted to do something spontaneous and be different that night.

I told them we should take a break and they all agreed. Given the fact that it was 11pm, we didn’t know where we would go or do that would truly be helpful to us. At the end we ended up driving up to A mountain and to our surprise it was closed (it was our first time). We were not going to go back home so we ended up driving around and found an elevated parking lot that showed us the city view without actually being on the mountain, but instead next to it. We stayed up there for hours. Little did we know we were there for three hours just being silent and breathing. This helped recenter ourselves. Overall, I want to tell you all that it is okay to go on adventures from time to time and explore Tucson. Be that individual who calls for a study break! End the semester strong!




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