#AdventurousApril: Planning My Own Trip

19 Apr

Planning a road trip can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have your parents planning it. This month I planned my own trip with three very good friends. Since we just wanted to relax for a weekend, we decided to go to Hermosillo, Bahia de Kino. This is a beach that is four hours from Tucson. Although it is not that far away from home it is a four-hour drive and it is located in another country, Mexico.

Firstly, we had to plan a good date and we decided to leave Friday and came back Sunday. Then, we had to plan for transportation and we decided to split gas money and go in my car. It was very beneficial because we each spent $15 for transportation. Additionally, we found a house next to the beach for $85 a night. Since there were four of us, we each spent $43 dollars for the two nights. Finally, food was also very cheap – our average meal price was $5. We did not really spend more, because all that we wanted to do was relax, swim, and escape from home.

For this being my first trip with out my parents, it went well. We did encounter a few problems, for example, we got lost for like an hour because our phones did not get internet over there and we had no access to a GPS. It was not too stressful because it was a big part of our adventure. Another difficulty that we encountered was that the line at the border to cross back to the United States was two hours. It was really annoying, but the girls and I managed to not stop talking. I could say that this trip was very worth it!


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