Class Full? Here’s What To Do!

22 Apr

As you are building your schedule for the upcoming semester, try to prepare for the worst case scenario. In a perfect world, everyone would get into their classes on the first try, however as this world has it, sometimes it takes several tries. So what happens if you do not get into a class?

  1. Check if that class has other sections offered. If it does, try to coordinate it into your schedule. 
  2. If no other sections are available, check to see if the class has a waiting list. As August gets closer, people often change their schedules and this may just be your golden ticket into the class.
  3. Email the department the class is in. Sometimes the classes show no waiting list or the only way to get into the waiting list is by emailing the department. If the department sees that many students need to take this class they may add an extra section. For instance if you did not get into PSIO 201, email the PSIO department asking if there is anything else that you can do to get into the class. Usually, they would add you to the waiting list or add you to the class. 
  4. If all this fails, always have a some alternative classes that you also need to take. My suggestion would be to have 2 alternative gen-ed classes at different times and days and to have 2 alternative core classes, just in case those filled up by the time you registered. With having these alternatives ready, you are able to save time when registration comes and you are able to provide yourself multiple opportunities instead of being stuck with no idea of what class to replace it with.

Hopefully by doing these things you are able to conquer registration and get into your classes!



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