Unsettling Finals

1 May

On the first day of class, every professor always drills into your head what day and time your final is going to be. Whether it is English 102 or a general education course, the final is one of the most important parts of the semester and the professor lets you know this right out of the gate. In high school, they were just another test I had to take and I never had any problems with them. That all changed my first semester in college.

The week before finals week, I felt prepared. I had a good grasp on all of the materials for my courses and during the week I had 5 finals lined up. Fortunately, they were all on different days and I felt like I had enough time to study for each exam. My first few tests went by quick and I was ready to knock the last one out! Accounting 200 was my last but hardest final that I had to take. I studied the night before and went to bed early with a good feeling that I was going to do well tomorrow afternoon.

The morning of my final, my boyfriend had work before me and woke me up to say goodbye. When I woke up, I had the worst stomach ache and had to run to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I woke up with the stomach flu and my body would not let me stop throwing up. I tried to consume water and other snacks to see if it would settle my stomach but nothing was working and I continuously had to run to the restroom. By 12:00pm, I still was not feeling well and my test was at 3:00pm. Seeing how the entire morning was going, I was doubtful that I was going to be well enough to go to my final and do well so I decided to contact my instructor to see if I could take it on a different day.

I was very nervous to contact her because at the beginning of the year, my instructor stressed how every student needed to be on time for all of the tests, especially the final. The worst thing that I thought could happen is that she said that there was nothing she could do and I would have to go into my final with a bucket and try to take my exam. I sent her a very polite email explaining my situation and in a matter of 30 minutes, she got back to me. She stated that she felt bad that I was very ill and that I could retake the exam sometime over winter break if I filled out a form and sent it back to her before the exam starts.

Unfortunately, at my house I do not have internet or a printer, so this was going to be a challenge. I got out of bed and after one more trip to the restroom, I decided to drive down to Fedex to get the paper printed, sign it, and then try to send it back before 3:00pm. I got in my car at 2:30pm and started to drive towards Fedex. I was very nervous about making it on time as well as trying to prevent throwing up in my car. I got there with time to spare and I got the email sent before the time of the exam.

I was very fortunate that I contacted my instructor about what was going on with me and I got to take my final over winter break. When it was time to take my exam, I felt just as prepared and I made sure to thank my professor a million times before and after I finished my exam. Even though the day that I was suppose to take my final accounting exam was very hectic and terrible, I took it as a learning experience. If something bad happens on a day where you have a big test or a final exam, make sure you contact the instructor as soon as you can because sometimes it can work in your favor.

Keep this in mind while finals are approaching because it might save you if something unexpected happens!

Good luck on finals everyone!


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