11 Things To Do for a Relaxing Summer

12 May

YES! It is finally summer and congratulations to another school year behind you! Now that you have some time on your hands, try to focus your summer (or at least a part of it) on yourself! I know during the school year, there are things that I want to do but in the end with papers, projects, and readings I do not get as much time for myself as I would like. Here is a list that you can look at to help have a relaxing summer.

1.Pick up a good book or book series and try to finish it before summer ends
For me, reading is something that I always try to do, but when school is in session I just never have time to read something that is enjoyable and is NOT related to school. If you’re not the biggest reader unless you have to be, just try it! Trust me, I used to not read for fun and recently I got into it. Go to a bookstore wherever you are and try to finish it before summer ends.


2. Have a picnic while watching the sun go down
I absolutely love doing this! Take your significant other or just a group of good friends and sit in a park or in the bed of a truck. Bring some food (whether you cook it or buy it) and sit out until you see an amazing sunset. I did this in Tucson and I went up to the top of Campbell. Once the sun goes down, you just see the stars come out one at a time. It was the most relaxing dinner I have ever had.

3. Take a walk or a hike with friends
No matter if you are in Arizona or anywhere else, take advantage of the outdoors when you have time off! Find a nice hiking spot and spend time with friends by exploring new places. Go off the trail a little bit and find your own adventure even if it is a spot you visit often! Just don’t forget the sunscreen and a ton of water!

4. Try out a new cooking or baking recipe
There are so many different recipes that you can find on the internet or possibly even call up your grandma (I know my grandma always has secret family recipes)! Go out to a grocery store or a local market and pick out ingredients and spend the afternoon trying it out! Invite some friends over or cook for your family and I’m sure that you will have them impressed.


5. Take a relaxing bath
This is one of those things that I wish I could do more during the school year. Nothing is better than having a cold soda or some tea and sitting in a nice, warm bath with a ton of bubbles in it!

6. Listen to a new artist in a genre that your rarely listen to
I challenge you to try to do this! Before I met my boyfriend, all I would listen to was pop music that constantly played on the radio. He grew up with rock music and honestly before I met him, all the rock music I heard was just alright. But now after giving it a shot, I love rock music, country music, and indie music! Try to find an artist in a different genre that you like and you will be surprised! Some of my go-to artists are Melanie Martinez, Shinedown, and Tom Petty!

7. Create something new
Whether or not you are the new Vincent Van Gogh, there are always opportunities to be creative! If you like to write, try to write a new fiction short story or if you are really ambitious, a novel! If you like art, try to paint something you never have before or use a different medium! Honestly even if you do not think you are creative or an “artist”, pick up a pen and pencil or a magazine and create something cool to hang up on your wall! If you get stuck get inspiration by looking online, there are so many DIY ideas that I’m sure you can find one that you enjoy!


8. Make a fort in your living room and have a movie marathon
I guess this is something that is silly but honestly is the greatest thing to do on a day where you do not have any plans. I wouldn’t suggest to do this every day but once in awhile I think it’s fun to do. Bring out some blankets or put your mattress on the floor and have a camp out! You can bring chairs or tacks and hang blankets up on the ceiling to make a cave to spend the night in! I have done this over the weekend a few times in the school year and I have nothing but fun!

9. Go enjoy the afternoon at a park or a zoo
It is always great to just go out and have fun! Go to a park near you and bring a soccer ball or something like that and play with a friend or family member. Another great thing to do is go to a zoo because you have a great opportunity to see animals that you rarely get to.

10. Try a new workout routine/yoga
During the school year, this one is the biggest struggle for me. I always want to have time for the gym but with classes, work, and homework, it’s sometimes too hard to balance and working out usually gets the short end of the stick. With those out of the way, I have time to look up fun workout routines that I can do in my house or join a yoga studio!cxd7dqgfpswomocvsbca.gif

11. Eat at a restaurant you have never been to
There are always new restaurants that are popping up or if you are in a new city or country, there are ample new things to try! Take yourself out or a few guests and enjoy eating something you have never tried or a restaurant you have never been to!

Trying something new, I think, is the best way to spend your summer! Try to take this list as a starting point and add other things that you want to do to relax over the break.

Have a great summer!


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