10 Things I Love About Summer

24 Jun

As you stop to wipe the sweat from your brow in the merciless Tucson sunshine, stop and smell the roses too! Just kidding, those are all dead and sun-baked now. But here are 10 things that are still lovable about the deadliest season in Arizona!


Some find these scaly little buddies to be creepy, but you can at least appreciate them for the fact that they keep the insect population at bay! Take another look at these guys next time they’re lounging on a rock nearby and you’ll see that some species have donned their jewel-bright colors for mating season.

Sunrises and Sunsets

There is one huge benefit to living in the dust bowl that is our humble little valley, the sunsets. The thick layer of dust that hangs in the atmosphere over the Sonoran desert lights up like fire when the sun rises and sets, giving us some of the most spectacular skyscapes in North America.


It’s always blazing hot in front of the grill anyway, right? What better way to bond with your buddies than over the charred remains of your meat or veggie vittles? Busting out the BBQ is a surefire way to make an evening of memorable moments with your friends.


This bright and explode-y pastime is fun for the whole family. Whether you’re risking your hands doing your own (after reading up on local laws!) or picking a spot near Sentinel Peak to see the big display, fireworks are a summer perk you can’t miss.

Night Hikes

There is nothing quite like exploring the nocturnal side of nature on a night hike! Tumamoc Hill gives you sights of the city lights and Sabino Canyon offers running water in the rainy seasons. There are a thousand adventures tucked away in the cool evening air, just waiting for an adventurous group of friends to discover them.


Whether it’s a luxurious backstroke at the Rec or just a splash in a kiddie pool in the back yard, swimming is one of the coolest highlights of any summer. Pools, splash pads and water parks are scattered all over town offering relief from the heat.


The wall of clouds roll in from the south like clockwork on sunny summer afternoons, bringing unparalleled displays of thunder and lightning with them. Bring the dog in, put your swimsuit on and get doused while you a watch the show. Beware of lighting, sideways rain and strong winds!

Flip Flops and Shorts

The next best thing to running around in your underwear is the effortless comfort of shorts and flip-flops. The desert offers us infinite opportunities to soak up the sun and let your toes out to see the world.


Nothing brings a group of friends together like channeling your inner caveman and building a nice, big fire. You can light up any night gathering with a bonfire wherever the fire department permits it!

Indoor Camping

Mosquitoes, bears and outdoor lavatories? Ew. How about a/c, wifi and a nearby fridge instead! Head to the living room and bust out the blankets or pitch a tent. Camping indoors is the inexpensive alternative Tucsonans can turn to in the summer season!

-ASA Peer Mentors



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