My Summer Plan to Stay Balanced

24 Jun

Whenever summer approaches, it starts getting too hot and all I want to do is to stay indoors all day long. Also, with school out of session for the main school year, academics are something that I do not want to have on my mind. Even though these are the things that I wish I could do, I know that without a long school day on my plate anymore I need to stay active and productive. This is why every summer, I come up with a plan of how I am going to spend my time!

This summer, I decided that I needed to stay occupied or the next school year is going to be rough. I am going to be a Junior this upcoming year and I am a little nervous. I have heard from other students that this is the hardest year and it’s one more step towards graduation (wow does time go by fast). This is why this summer I created a routine that will be similar to my academic year schedule.

The first thing that I knew that I wanted to do to stay balanced in the summer was to have a job. I did not have the demand of being in class for the majority of the day and I decided that I wanted to make sure that I had something to do still. Luckily, I talked to my supervisors at ASA before summer began and they gave me hours for the summer. Last summer, I found work at Victoria’s Secret during their Semi-Annual Sale. Along with these jobs over the summer, I also took on side babysitting jobs to make more money that I could save up to pay off student loans in the future.

Another thing that I knew that I needed to do over the summer, that I continued from last year, was take summer courses. I have a fashion minor and the courses are only offered in the summer. This was not only a benefit for my minor credits but also because I did not get out of the cycle of studying, test taking, and constant homework assignments. If anything, the courses that I have taken over the summer have made me a better student because they are fast paced and my time management skills were always being tested.

With all of these things happening at once, it was always hard to keep myself balanced because I was always go go go. I needed to find time that was dedicated to myself and the people around me whom I love. Therefore, I made a regular schedule with time planned out for everyone. After work, I would set a day with an allotted time for spending time with different friends and the rest of the day, spend time finishing homework and spending time with my boyfriend, Casey. On Fridays, I would always play volleyball with my family and the rest of the weekend was to spend quality time with Casey.

Of course, setting a schedule for summer is not the most fun thing to do, however it will benefit your time during the summer in the end. In your summer, there needs to be a productive side as well as time for relaxation. This is only one example that you can utilize your free time off of school and I hope you make one for yourself either for the rest of this summer or future summers!

Hope your summer is amazing!



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