10 Apps to Waste Your Time On

8 Jul

10. Clash of Clans

Clans, wars, fighting, what’s not to love?! This very addictive game will leave you with no self control. The only downfall is waiting to upgrade your army can take hours…

wiki clash clash of clans clans troop

9. Snapchat

Who doesn’t have Snapchat nowadays? With everyone posting stories about everything they do, you have your own reality show in the palm of your hands!

Mic snapchat dj khaled music celebs

8. Instagram

Pictures of food, cats, selfies, and sunsets, Instagram is your go to to browse endless randomness of photos.

food pizza like instagram

7. Don’t Tap The White Tile

My only advice to you is, don’t tap the white tile.

animated images photobucket pictures photos

6. Yik Yak

If you haven’t heard of this app already, you are missing out. Because the post shown in your feed are based on people who post in your location, it’s like everyone is in on an inside joke. You have to check it out!

blackgirlmagic black girl magic crissle crissle west

5. Netflix

You know what Netflix is. Just pop some popcorn and binge watch a whole season of whatever you want for the day!

orange is the new black oitnb netflix latina

4. Twitter

Tweet, tweet, tweet. Twitter is sweet for getting a briefing of what’s going on with who you follow without needing to read an essay!

3. Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga, pretty much ANY CANDY CRUSH

I started playing this after I witnessed my sister playing uncontrollably. But it is probably one of the funnest games you can play!

games candy crush tips tornado

2. Youtube

This is your go to to watch music videos, tutorials, people falling down, and even TV shows. Youtube has it all!

digg  cooking how to nachos tots

1. Facebook

Even with all the changes Facebook has made over the years. It is still the most used social media site. From communicating with friends and family, playing games, watching videos and scrolling through your news feed, FB allows you to stay connected and more!

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