Preparation for Fall 2016

22 Jul

Time goes by fast, doesn’t it? You have made it through your first year of college and are currently enjoying a relaxing summer with little stress (hopefully!).  Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last forever (even if we wish it did) and it is time to focus on your sophomore year!! I made this list to hopefully help you prepare for a successful sophomore year and I hope it helps you start to think about school starting back up!

  1. Start making your sophomore year goals!
    • You have one year of college under your belt and it’s time to use all you have learned from study habits to coursework and to plan your next year. Do you want to bring your GPA up, get involved in a club, or get an internship? Make sure you review how to make SMART goals and set a goal or two for Fall 2016 to ensure your success!
  2. Make a list of school supplies and shop early!
    • It is never too early to start shopping for school supplies and if you start collecting them early, you can get the deals. Try to shop on Amazon to get exactly what you want or even at stores like Target, Walmart, or Staples.
  3. Double check your schedule before school starts
    • Even if you were absolutely certain what your school schedule will look like before summer started, it doesn’t hurt to double check if you are happy with your schedule. Make sure that the time you decided to have your first class is something that you can manage and if you have any questions about your schedule or if you are meeting all of your requirements for sophomore year, ask your advisor. Most advisors are working over the summer and if you are concerned about anything before school starts, send them an email or set up an appointment.
  4. Check your finances and scholarships
    • UAccess is one of your best friends when school is about to start because it has all of your finances pertaining to the U of A. This week, your first bill of 2016 went through and is published. Take time to look at this, your financial aid, and scholarships to make sure that you are ready to pay tuition on time.
  5. Start checking your U of A email regularly again
    • I’m sure some of you were happy to get away from all of those emails over the summer, but trust me, you need to get back into the habit again. The U of A sends emails regularly to inform you on what is going on with UAccess, parking permits, and deadlines. Make sure that you do not miss anything by going through your U of A emails. Another thing that you can do before school starts is to clean out the junk in your email. If you are really ambitious, try to organize it to have an easier year!
  6. Start waking up at the time you would for your classes
    • Summer is the time to sleep in and you may have gotten used to waking up in the late afternoon. I know this is very easy to adapt to over the summer and it’s hard to change. Try to set an alarm for a little earlier than you are used to currently waking up and keep setting it earlier as the days go by. If you already have your final class schedule or know what time you want to start your first class, try to make it your goal to get to the time that you need for the week before school starts. This will make your first day of classes very easy!
  7. If you are not living at home for the school year, make sure you have EVERYTHING
    • If you are going to be in the dorms or an apartment this school year, do NOT procrastinate on getting yourself organized with all you need. Create a list that contains what you need to bring (toiletries, computer, clothes, bedding, etc.) and go around your room to check off what you have. The things you were not able to check off the list, you need to manage to get before the school year starts. Try not to do this last minute to ensure you have all the things you need and do not need to go all the way back home because you realized you left something.

Now that you have some ideas on how to transition between the lazy summer days to the productive school days, I hope that you start your sophomore year strong!

Good Luck (:

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