Ending Summer With a Bang!

7 Aug

Summer has always been bitter sweet for me. I want to be productive and do everything I can to get prepared for the next year. But on the other hand, I want to enjoy my free time, go on vacation, stay up late and hang out with friends. This summer I’ve been able to balance both of those things. I’ve taken two summer courses, worked, and landed an internship that I’ll be continuing in the fall semester. I went on legendary adventures and had the best vacation in Santa Monica. With that being said, it was time for one last hurrah to say goodbye to summer. So, I went tubing down the Salt River with irreplaceable friends.

@SummerBreak summer fall break lake

If you haven’t been down the Salt, you need to go! Our tubing adventure lasted about two hours which included encountering rapids and some wild horses along the way. After we finished we stopped at BWW because we were starved after being in the sun for so long. Then, we headed back for Tucson and concluded our night with a bonfire at my house. I’ve come to realize your experiences are what you make them it is never a dull moment with the people most important to me. This summer I was able to find a balance between fun and work and it has been GREEEAAATTT. I hope you were able to get ahead of the game this summer along with making life time memories. If you haven’t been able to do anything extraordinary this summer, it’s not too late!

black and white fire island camp campfire

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