Awesome Finds on Campus

21 Aug

Being a Wildcat is something I’m very prideful of. Attending a university that excels in academics, is known for its athletics, and has a beautiful campus full of history is something truly fulfilling. There is a lot of history behind the UA and I only grow to appreciate it more each year. Being a Junior now, I want to tell you about some pretty awesome landmarks and sculptures that are on campus that I didn’t even know about until last year. Beginning with the student union.

1. I bet when you see this bell for the first time from a distance you won’t think much about it. But this bell happens to be a replica of the one from the U.S.S. Arizona that was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Dedicated to the men who lost their lives, this bell is an amazing piece of history. Savvy researchers will be able to find a ton more historical facts about the Student Union Memorial Center.

2. “Border Dynamics” is another favorite of mine. This is the type of sculpture that makes me stop and think. Highlighting border issues between the U.S./Mexico border, this sculpture shows how walls make us divided. You can find this one near the Harvill Building.

3. Last, but definitely not least, the Unicorn Sculpture. This fun piece of art (which is my favorite) I’ll have to let you find for yourself. With the plaque below it reading, “To discover a unicorn is to find eternal hope and beauty” (David Berkey), just makes me smile for some reason. This little piece of fantasy is unique to find on a campus.


These are only three of the amazing spots around campus and I hope you have the opportunity to look around and discover more during your college career at the University of Arizona. I’m sure you’ll admire them as much as I do!


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