Fears You Really Shouldn’t be Afraid Of

2 Sep

Knowing that I have finally completed a year at the University of Arizona is amazing. It took a lot of hard work and the transition from high school to university definitely was a huge adjustment for me. As I look back on my first year, (which is still wild to me that it’s finally over) I realize I was afraid of things I really shouldn’t have been. I was the type of person who looked too much into others’ experiences and horror stories of what they experienced in college. But as I look back, I wish I had someone to tell me that some of my fears really weren’t things to be afraid of at all. If you feel or are feeling the same things I did, I hope you are able to take away some insightful tips from my experiences!


  1. Fear of Professors

My first fear that really did take some time to go away was my fear of professors. For some odd reason, I was terrified of them. I felt like I really couldn’t go to them with my questions because it might sound “stupid” and that I was wasting their time. But honestly, it’s NOTHING like that all. Even my most intimidating professors were very kind and welcoming. If you are struggling or have any questions, ask them! In my experiences, if I had a question, they were more than happy to work with me to find a solution. Also if you are afraid of your professor, try going to their office hours. What really helped break the ice for me was having that one-on-one personal experience.

  1. Fear of Making Friends

Another fear that I had was making friends or meeting people. Coming from a small high school where everybody knew everyone, to coming to the U of A where there are over 40 thousand students was kind of scary. But I always forgot that there was an entire class of first-year students who were going through the same exact thing I was. They were just as confused about where buildings on campus were and stressing about their classes like me. Try to strike up conversations with your peers about the class you’re in or what major you are pursuing. That was the perfect way to figure out enough about the other person to carry a full conversation and I ended up making some really amazing friends that way.  

  1.         Fear of Getting Lost

Another fear I had that I think everyone experienced once was getting lost on campus. My first week on campus ever was spent with Google Maps telling me how to get to my class that was on the other side of campus. Even then, there were random buildings that even Google couldn’t help me find. An amazing thing about our campus is everyone here is so incredibly nice. I asked anyone I could about where the ILC or the closest Starbucks were and these strangers, whether it be other students or faculty, were so quick to help! These people were in our shoes and they know how big campus can feel when it’s your first time here.

Even though most of my fears revolved around people, my main point is don’t be afraid to ask questions or strike up conversations with a totally random person. Freshman year of college really is a wonderful time where you get to experience so many firsts of your adult life. You get to figure out who you really are as a person. Don’t let fears that you shouldn’t really be afraid of hold you back from doing something you like or because you’re afraid you’ll look “dumb” for asking. Remember that you’re not the first person to go through this and won’t be the last. Your first year will fly by so quick and even though there will be moments you’ll think your 8am will never end, you’ll be ok!


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