#StudiousSeptember: Getting those ZZZ’s In

14 Sep

All around the world, the nagging of parents and teachers can be heard whispering, “8 hours of sleep a day” constantly… So it must be important right? The answer is, definitely. Studies show us those that get less than the recommended 8 hours of sleep operate waaayyy less successfully than those who do. Our bodies become more fatigued and weak with less sleep. But in college it feels nearly impossible to sleep that much, right? Well, not necessarily. I have combined a list of things that have helped others and myself regulate sleep in college. So if you are looking for a couple of tricks for better sleep, give a couple of these a try!

  • Set a specific time 


Perhaps one of the most important tricks for better sleep. Set a time to sleep! Whether it’s 10 pm, 11 pm, or 3 am, if you can schedule those 8 hours with a specific time in mind to sleep, your body will become used to a routine and begin to naturally unwind around the time you set!

  • Turn the tech off


I know how tempting it is to snuggle up in your sheets and turn that laptop on to watch the next episode on Netflix before bed. But technology has actually been proven to inhibit sleep patterns due to the light they give off, preventing your body from relaxing. Try and turning off all technology 2 hours prior to bedtime, that way your body has a chance to get ready for some awesome sleep.

  • Try not to do homework in bed


This next one can be hard for some people to change, doing homework in bed. I know it’s comfy and relaxing, but did you know your body can actually get used to the idea of having work in bed? Your mind may get used to the energy put in while doing homework, making it more difficult for you to essentially “shut off” before bed. Try keeping all work to a desk and chair, it’ll help with your posture too!

  • Chill with the caffeine


Coffee has the ability to turn your sleepiness into a day full of energy! But drinking coffee or any other caffeine filled drink too close to bedtime can make it extremely difficult for you to sleep, and also throw off any sort of sleeping schedule. If you can, try and keep the caffeine to early morning or afternoon times, that way your body doesn’t have to jitter close to nighttime.

  • Know how you operate


One of my favorite tricks for better sleep is learning about how you operate best. Do you tend to do homework or studying more efficiently at night or in the morning? If at night, sleep in a bit more if you can so you can prepare for that late night homework the next day. If you’re like me, you operate best bright and early in the morning. I find that if I sleep a bit early and wake up early, I fly through homework faster than if I am doing it in the afternoon when I am most tired. Try both if you can to see which one works best for you!

  • All Lights Off


There is a reason that we sleep when the sun goes down. Light has a natural effect on our bodies, meaning when the sun goes down, our bodies naturally release chemicals that allow us to know when to sleep. When you have that phone or lamp on at night, this disrupts the cycle our bodies are naturally used to. So turn that light off and try and hit the hay.

  • Power Nap


Sometimes, we really just can’t get in a full 8 hours, I get it, you’re a college student after all. If you are having a really bad day, try and take a power nap! The trick? Try and keep the napping to 30 minutes or less, because if you go over that time you are tapping into a type of sleep meant for deep night rest. So see if this 30-minute trick will add some pep to your step.



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