#StudiousSeptember: Schedules & Planning

19 Sep

Now that a new school year has come back around, it’s very important to organize your plans and schedule to make sure you get off to a good start. Being that this is my Junior year here at the University of Arizona, my main goal coming into this academic year is to keep a balance between my job, pharmacy internship, and hard classes. Although I may have a lot on my plate this year, creating a set schedule in my planner has allowed me to start the semester off right and keeps me from becoming overwhelmed.

Time management has become a skill that I cannot live without this semester. In fact, time management is the only skill that has allowed me to manage two jobs and being a full-time student. Because of all that I have going on, I decided that a planner and calendar would be very useful this year. I was right! My previous years here at the University of Arizona I was pretty good at staying on top of things without having to write them down as a reminder. Now that my time is somewhat limited this year, it can be easy to forget important assignments for class and dates and deadlines at work. To avoid this I’ve been jotting down quick notes and reminders in my planner on my cell phone.

I would recommend that all students who have a busy schedule to do the same. Speaking for myself, I can admit that I always have my cell phone with me throughout the day. By  adding all of my assignment due dates and upcoming events to my phone, I am constantly being updated on upcoming assignments that I have to complete. I myself prefer using Google calendar because it sends me constant reminders to my phone and my laptop.

There are also many other apps that students can use to I would recommend searching your phone’s app store to see which planner works the best for you!

Until Next Time,

Darius Amos



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